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Earth Construction Manual

Earth Construction Manual

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ISBN: 9786586539707
Portuguese language
Format: 22 x 28 cm
Number of pages: 224
Binding: Cardboard cover
Year of publication: 2022

There is a growing global trend to use earth as a construction material. This occurs due to increased environmental awareness, concern about unnecessary energy expenditure and the consumption of resources required for the manufacture of industrialized materials.

The most sensible solution is the use of available local materials, labor and appropriate tools, as well as the integration of correct techniques so that the earth becomes the ideal material for this purpose.

This book teaches how to use this material, the recommended construction techniques, and reveals projects carried out in different parts of the world, thus demonstrating that we have all the conditions to create sustainable architecture capable of respecting the planet, the environment, people and traditions.

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Gernot Minke

Gernot Minke

Renowned German architect, doctor in structural efficiency and retired professor at the University of Kassel, Germany, where he coordinated the Experimental Construction Laboratory since 1974. He was one of the driving forces and inspirers of the bioconstruction movement in Latin America.

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Expanded, updated and revised edition

Partnership withmapadaterra

The publication of this book is carried out in partnership, a collaborative online platform that maps constructions using natural materials, especially earth, around the world.

Livro Manual de Construção com Terra de Gernot Minke

A fundamental work for everyone who builds with the most abundant material on the planet.

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