Since 1993, it has shed light on good stories in beautiful books

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Solisluna Design Editora is a company specialized in graphic and editorial design projects.

It began its activities in 1993 in Bahia, by designers Enéas Guerra and Valéria Pergentino and, since then, it has carried out visual communication projects, corporate identity, books and exhibitions of a historical, anthropological and institutional nature, catalogues, business and institutional reports, posters, brochures and technical books.

It develops projects that deal with intangible, architectural and religious heritage, the environment, racial plurality, issues related to social changes and the daily activities of unique people.

Among its clients are public institutions, the third sector, private companies, artists and independent authors.

With 30 years of experience operating in the Bahian and Brazilian markets, Solisluna Design Editora is recognized for its notable qualifications in the development of complex projects, which require a series of specific knowledge.

Between Friends Collection - Carybé, Verger, Jorge & Caymmi

Attention to design and graphic arts

The projects are fully developed by the team of editors, designers, producers, who are part of the company's staff and also by experienced writers, proofreaders, photographers and graphics, professionals who participate in Solisluna's network of collaborators.

Institutional publications

With a multidisciplinary team of professionals and collaborators, we develop projects for public and private companies and institutions. Commemorative books about the memory and history of institutions have been part of our portfolio since the founding of Solisluna, in 1993. We also publish thematic, cultural, technical or scientific books, sponsored by companies or public notices. To find out more and see our portfolio of institutional projects, get in touch.

Editorial Seal

Solisluna Editora

In 2010, the Solisluna Editora commercial label was started with the purpose of editing and publishing books to be distributed to the national market.

Dreamed of by the partners since the beginning of the company, in the early 1990s, and increasingly a necessary demand for the flow of books by the house's authors, the label was released at the XX Bienal Internacional de São Paulo with the release of 16 titles.

Solisluna Editora is committed to bibliodiversity and has been characterized by disseminating quality books: prose and poetry, novels, essays and Afro-Brazilian studies, institutional publications and catalogues, art books and books for children and young people.

National and international presence

Since 2013, Solisluna has been associated with the Brazilian Publishers / CBL / APEX Program, which has allowed the publisher to participate in the largest and most important international book fairs such as the Frankfurt International Book Fair (Germany), Bologna International Children's Book Fair (Italy), Paris International Book Fair (France), Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico) and Sharjah International Book Fair (United Arab Emirates).

With space reserved at stands in Brazil, Solisluna has presented its creative production of new content and Brazilian authors to the publishing world.


A family of people passionate about beautiful books with fascinating narratives and all the transformative power of stories, art and knowledge.

  • Valeria Pergentino

    Our tireless editor. He likes diversity and the most sensitive and relevant topics in our society. Designer, loves stories, paper and paints. Follows all stages of project development from idea to book ready in the reader's hand.

  • Eneas Guerra

    Our senior. Editor, designer and illustrator. It has the drawing head. Loves cats, facts and news. Passionate about culture and memory. He always keeps a close eye on the art editing of Solisluna projects. He is the author of several books.

  • Kin Guerra

    Kin War

    Photographer trained in audiovisual, he is responsible for Solisluna's digital language. Ruled by the fire element, it is driven by new challenges and encourages everyone to use new technologies in favor of time.

  • Elaine Quirelli

    Elaine Quirelli

    A dedicated designer, she takes care of the completion of editorial projects with great attention and care. She loves photography, nature and birds. He has been part of Solisluna's dreams for 20 years.

  • Mirian de Souza

    Miriam de Souza

    Responsible for Solisluna's administration and finances. Serena, confident and attentive to details, constantly seeks to improve processes. Practice Yoga daily.

  • Vinicius Maciel

    Vinicius Maciel

    The youngest on the team is our dear and calm intern. He studies systems development and loves games. Determined and persistent, he is a developer at Solisluna and takes care of digital books.