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The Bahian writer Luis Henrique Dias Tavares (1926-2020), born in Nazaré das Farinhas, is the author of works of fiction, including this Moça solita na sala, whose first edition is from 1961, published by São Paulo's Livraria Martins Editora. The book, distinguished in mid-1962 with the Carlos de Laet Prize from the Brazilian Academy of Letters, brings together chronicles that the author published in Jornal da Bahia. The author is also recognized in the field of non-fiction, especially for his História da Bahia, a work in its 12th edition (commemorating, in 2019, the 60th anniversary of the launch of the debut edition). He received the titles of Professor Emeritus at UFBA and Professor Honoris Causa at UNEB. He was a member of national and foreign institutions and held chairs at the Bahia Academy of Letters and the Portuguese Academy of History. He was director of the Public Archive of the State of Bahia (APEB) and head of the Superintendency of Higher Education and Culture (DESC), duties he held during the period of the Luiz Viana Filho Government (1967-1971). Professor Luis Henrique Dias Tavares started teaching in high school and built a university career at his UFBA, to which he dedicated dozens of years of work and affection. He obtained a postdoctoral degree at the University of London, during which, during more than one stay in the English capital, he researched the slave trade. These studies resulted in the book Comércio Prohibido de Slaves, published by Ática in 1988. His work, both in fiction and non-fiction, is committed to freedom!
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